• Durée Durée 1 an
  • Acces Accès Bac+4/5
  • Diplome Diplôme Bac+6
  • Rentree Rentrée septembre

Business sectors

Students graduating from the post-master’s course « Low-carbon manager for construction projects » are involved at all levels of the construction project chain: contracting authority and project management, project management, architectural firm, design office, control office, construction company…

The size of the employing companies and services varies, ranging from major construction and real estate companies to SMEs, known for their innovation and low carbon strategy.

Targeted professions

Under contract

  • Low-carbon developer or manager of property programmes
  • Low-carbon project management assistant

In technical and architectural design

  • Low-carbon manager/referent in an architectural firm
  • Low-carbon manager in a control office In the construction phase :
  • Low-carbon project manager
  • Low-carbon works engineer

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