The school

France’s leading higher education institution specialising in wood sciences and technologies, ESB was founded in 1934 at the initiative of the French Ministries of Agriculture, National Education and Industry. Committed to innovating with wood and biosourced materials, the school has broadened this vision to each of its areas of expertise: training, research and R&D engineering at the service of companies.

Our mission: to explore sciences and technologies relating to wood and biosourced materials

In a context of environmental challenges, wood and biosourced materials are up-and-coming resources to invent a sustainable future. Natural and renewable, these plant-based materials are allies of the circular economy.

Every year, the expertise built up by ESB for more than 85 years allows it to train some 100 young graduates capable of developing knowledge on properties, technologies and uses in the fields of wood and biosourced materials.

What is our ambition? To imagine, design and develop innovative and sustainable solutions meeting our society’s needs.

Missions : formation, recherche et ingénierie

L’ESB est un établissement d’enseignement supérieur et de recherche privé d’intérêt général (EESPIG) sous contrat avec le ministère chargé de l’Agriculture. Elle est intégrée à plusieurs réseaux dont celui de la Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE).

Elle est constituée en association loi 1901 à but non lucratif gérée par un Conseil d’Administration. Tout euro collecté est entièrement reversé pour le financement de ses missions de formation et de recherche.

Created in 1934 to meet the recruiting needs of companies, the school undertakes three main activities from day to day:

  • training professionals of tomorrow who are capable of working in companies, contributing to their growth and supporting sustainable development,
  • research to develop knowledge on properties, technologies and uses relating to wood and other plant-based biosourced materials,
  • R&D engineering to share its knowledge with the industrial world and assist companies in developing innovative solutions.

Une grande école

L’ESB est une grande école. Elle fait partie des 230 écoles réunies au sein de la Conférence des Grandes écoles (CGE).

Resources to carry out its activities

Since its establishment in Nantes in 1993, ESB has been aligning its resources with its ambitions.

Les missions de l’École sont réalisées par une équipe de 46 salariés permanents et de près de 150 intervenants extérieurs.

Built in 1992 and expanded in 2012, the 8,500 m2 building is an exemplary achievement: wood is dominant and pairs perfectly with the other materials used.

It accommodates more than 400 students who, during their schooling, have access to:

  • Training spaces: 120-person tiered rooms, 220-person amphitheatre, IT rooms, language laboratory, library, work rooms.
  • Spaces for student associations: offices, storage areas, cafeteria.
  • A 1,300 m2 material processing workshop equipped with industrial machines.
  • A 1,100 m2 technology centre for carrying out scale-1 construction projects.
  • A modelling space equipped with small materials for creating models and small prototypes.
  • Scientific laboratories in the areas of microscopy, wood anatomy, chemistry, mechanics and finishing.
Makers by nature