Being a student at ESB on the Chantrerie campus in Nantes

The Campus

ESB is located at the heart of the Chantrerie university campus, in the northern part of Nantes. The capital of Western France, Nantes is recognised for its quality of life, in particular because it hosts many delightful cultural events. On the campus, student associations thrive and enhance the quality of student life.

Living in Nantes

Recognized as the green capital in 2013 and the capital of innovation in 2019, Nantes is a city where it is pleasant to study, to blossom and to create.

Nantes hold plenty of cultural and sporting events. The region also has a dynamic job market with great opportunities for young graduates.

ESB is ideally located in the heart of the green campus of the Chantrerie, between urban abundance and quiet parks.

Studying on the Chantrerie campus

The school is located on the Chantrerie campus, in the northern part of Nantes, on a site that brings together companies and higher education institutions.

The district is enjoying strong growth, attracting business incubators, new laboratories and large companies alike.

Eating and drinking on the Chantrerie campus

Several restaurants and cafeterias are located on the Chantrerie site. Students can also take advantage of a dining hall just a stone’s throw from ESB with hot dishes and sandwiches.

Finding a place to live

The School has a housing platform managed by Studapart.

It is available to ESB students and candidates once they are declared admitted.

You can view or place an offer to:

  • Find rental accommodation in France or abroad
  • Find one or more roommates or a flat to share, in France or abroad
  • Find a temporary room in France or abroad

ESB Student associations

ESB students are particularly active and are encouraged to get involved in many projects. They have banded together in various associations. Everyone will find a way to explore their centres of interest.

Each association is presented to new students at the beginning of the year during a specific information session.

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