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Studying abroad

Students are encouraged to broaden their horizons by enrolling for one of the many international programmes and opportunities, such as internships, study semesters and gap years, which are the ideal solution for acquiring new technical, language and cultural skills.

Varied international study opportunities

Study semesters

With 35 exchange agreements around the world, eligible participants can spend a whole semester studying abroad with full recognition of their credits as part of an engineering degree. Exchanges within Europe are covered by the Erasmus programme.

Study semesters are carried out during the second year of an engineering degree.

Double degrees

Specific pathways are available for obtaining two degrees: an engineering degree from ESB and a degree from the partner university.

Engineering degrees generally take four years and open the door to a variety of international careers.

  • Brazil: double ESB degree / timber industry engineering degree with the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) in Curitiba.
  • Russia: double ESB degree / Master of Technology in wood processing with the Ural State Forest Engineering University (USFEU) in Yekaterinburg.
  • Chile: double ESB degree / timber industry civil engineering degree with the University of the Bio-Bio University in Concepción.
  • Switzerland: double ESB degree / Master of Technology in wood with the Higher Technical School of Wood (BFH) in Biel.

International internships

Overseas internships are promoted by networking with over 3,000 active alumni in France and abroad.

ESB provides resources to help students with their research, including internship catalogues, job vacancies and trade directories.

Gap years

Engineering students can suspend their studies for a year to undertake a more personal experience abroad.

Such initiatives may include long-term internships, experience in humanitarian work and additional training.

Financing international mobility

The international relations department supports and guides all students in organising their international study plans.

Initially, it informs candidates of the financing possibilities for which they may be eligible:

  • Scholarship from the Ministry of Agriculture for performing an internship abroad
  • Mobility scholarship (studies, internships, etc.) from the Pays de la Loire Regional Council
  • Erasmus scholarship (studies, internships, etc.) for study with a European partner or third country
  • Scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry for Higher Education – BRAFITEC for Brazil
  • Other scholarships according to the destination…

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