wood training student


Exploring, designing, prototyping and testing are at the heart of our training approach. The implementation of projects, along with collaborative and interdisciplinary work combined with scale-1 experimentation, are unique features of our school which fosters a culture and spirit of ‘makers’.

The ‘Makers by nature’ spirit

At ESB, priority is given to openness and the hybridisation of knowledge. Learning in project mode, teamwork and scale-1 experimentation are some of the practices that set apart the teaching offered by the school.

The equipment and skills made available to students enable ambitious and formative projects to be undertaken every year.

At ESB, we cultivate our assets:

  • wood and biosourced materials – up-and-coming resources to invent a sustainable future,
  • teaching based on experimentation and learning through action,
  • a wide range of international opportunities for all paths of study,
  • a human-sized school that fosters conviviality and teamwork.

A comprehensive range of courses on sciences and technologies relating to wood and biosourced materials

Training is ESB’s historical activity. Since 1934, the school has welcomed almost 5,000 students.

Every year, 400 students study at ESB. More than one out of three ESB students take part in a work-study programme (apprenticeship or professional training contract).

Makers by nature