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Recruit talent

ESB offers a wide range of training programmes, enabling companies to find a variety of profiles, in line with their recruiting needs. The knowledge, enthusiasm and engagement of our trainees, work-study students and recent graduates are valuable assets for bringing momentum and innovation to companies.

Recruit trainees

Every year, students undertake one- to six-month traineeships in companies, whether in France or abroad.

Trainees are capable of assisting teams or developing continuous improvement or development projects or undertaking research, for example.

The following programmes propose traineeship offers:

To recruit the ideal trainee, you can:

Recruit work-study students

Work-study programmes enable companies to benefit from the skills of young professionals alternating between training periods in the company and at our training centre.

Work-study students can be recruited for the following programmes:

Recruit recent graduates

Every year, ESB awards degrees to 100 to 150 young professionals ready to start their careers.

To share your job offers, you can:

  • Post a job offer using the online form. All offers are disseminated on our dedicated web platform.
  • Participarte to Job fairs

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