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Recruit a trainee

Many ESB study programmes include trainee periods. These in-company learning experiences allow students to get a feel for the professional world, and they give companies a way to take advantage of precious help in developing projects.

Traineeships BTS (technician certificate) in wood development and realisation (DRB)

Learning objectives

Traineeships allow future high-level wood industrialisation technicians to understand the technical and economic aspects of the corporate world.

During the programme, the trainee learns how the company works through its products, contracts, facilities, organisation, and human resources.

Traineeship duration

First- and second-year traineeships take place within the same company:

  • First year: 4-week job-shadowing traineeship
  • Second year: 4-week research traineeship

Traineeships in the engineering course of study

First-year engineering traineeship: observation and comprehension

  • Period: June and July.
  • Duration: 2 months (8 weeks).
  • Location: ideally abroad.
  • Learning objectives: the trainee describes, characterises, and takes stock of a situation. Trainees can participate in conducting a study or project.

Second-year engineering traineeship: implementation of a project/study

  • Period: January/February or June/July.
  • Duration: 2 months (8 weeks).
  • Location: in France.
  • Learning objectives: the trainee analyses the situation and conducts a study or carries out a project. If the 2-month period is not sufficient to complete the study or project, the trainee specifies which steps are required for its completion.

Third-year engineering traineeship: implementation and management of a project/study

  • Period: starting in March.
  • Duration: 5 months (20 weeks).
  • Location: in France or abroad.
  • Learning objectives: the trainee analyses the situation, then designs and implements the project. The trainee recommends the steps to be taken in the mid and long terms.

Educational monitoring of trainees

All of ESB’s engineering trainees are monitored by a school advisor who is designated in the traineeship contract. This person acts as a liaison between the company, trainee, and school.

On the company’s end, the traineeship supervisor is responsible for supporting the student throughout the traineeship in the company. This person is the trainee’s manager on a daily basis.

Traineeships in Specialized master’s biosourced composites

Learning objectives

ESB’s Specialised Master’s® degree (CGE-accredited) includes a 6-month traineeship following a 6-month training period.

In the context of an industrial project, the trainee is assigned a complete mission that includes:

  • innovation and ecological design
  • research on new materials and their applications
  • financial assessment: project profitability and return on investment

Traineeship period and duration

The traineeship takes place from march to august for a minimum of 5 months (20 weeks).

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