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ESB is an association founded in 1934 in Paris.

It is managed by an executive board and chaired by the president Jean-luc Ansel, elected in June 2017.

Elected members of the ESB executive board

Bureau of the executive board

Photo portrait du Président de l'ESB
Jean-Luc Ansel, President of the ESB
  • President : Mr. Jean-luc Ansel, « Cosmetic valley » founding president and CEO
  • Vice president : Mr Jacques Bouillot, Innovation and dry process director ( Eiffage construction Group)
  • Vice president treasurer : Mrs Anne Duisabeau, consultant
  • Vice president : Mr. Thierry Charloux, SNC Lavalin Development Director
  • Vice president : Mr. Jean Piveteau, « Piveteau bois » Director General
  • Vice-Président : Mr. Marc Vincent, Consultant and Director of the Xylofutur pole

Members of the executive board

  • Mr. Jean-Baptiste Aurel : Director of the Woodenha group
  • Mr. Jacques Barillet : President of the Barillet group
  • Mr. Emmanuel Dartois : Prugent Diam Europe General Director
  • Mr. Pierre Gautron : ISB group Director
  • Mr. Gaëtan Genès : ECSB Manager
  • Mr. René Graf : chairman, department of architecture, wood and civil engineering (Bern university of applied science)
  • Mr. Christian Lallia – Manager « Finnso Bois SARL »
  • Mr. André Lefèvre – General Director « SA Cruard Charpente
  • Mr. Jean Lorillard – President of the LORILLARD Group
  • Mr. Frederic Martin – Plant Manager « Cougnaud SLC_Lapeyre group)
  • Mr. Thomas Perin – Manager « Sofidève group »  
  • Mr. Antoine Thébault – President of THEBAULT PLY LAND

Ex-officio members of the ESB executive board

  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry for Higher Education and Research
  • National Forestry Office
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Nantes)
  • Atlanbois
  • Association of ESB engineers (AIESB)
  • Private french foresters
  • National Federation of timber
  • French building federation
  • Timber industries union
  • National Union of French industries for furnitures
  • Association «the Timber business»
  • National firm of engineers, foresters experts and wood experts
  • Loire Atlantique Departemental Council
  • Pays de la loire regional council
  • Nantes métropole
  • Employee representative
  • Students representative
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