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The team


Arnaud Godevin, Director

Christophe Belloncle, Research Director

Delphine Féri, Administrative and Finance Director

Aude Fredericque, Companies Division Director

Véronique Gaudin, Management Assistant

Pascal Vinot, Director of Studies

Education and research

Student Life and Studies Department (SEVE)

Nathalie Chevalier-Eichholtzer, SEVE manager

Aurélie Beaulieu-Renaud, SEVE assistant in charge of ERP and exams

Alexandra Chataigner, SEVE and international relations assistant

Marjorie Guillory, receptionist

Stéphanie Howling, SEVE assistant and teaching assistant

Katia Leroy, SEVE assistant and company relations assistant

Anne Graziotin, receptionist


Malvina Vieux, head of e-learning and ICT in education

Research and education

Philippe Blanchard, teacher-researcher, design and innovation

Clément Boudaud, teacher-researcher, wood construction

Julie Brunellière, English teacher and coordinator of foreign languages

Cécile Cam, teacher and head of CSR policy

Valérie Courtois, teacher in charge of the Bachelor’s programme

Jean-François Foucault, educational director of the SCBH BTS

Mark Irle, Research Director

Francesca Lanata, teacher-researcher, construction and building

Erwan Le Gall-Marias, teacher, wood development and implementation BTS

Anne-Laure Mariotte, teacher, international trade

Isabelle Martinez, teacher, quality and continuous improvement

Cyrille Mengin, teacher, DRB BTS

Franck Michaud, teacher-researcher, composite materials

Jérôme Moreau, teacher-researcher, silviculture and wood quality

Sébastien Rincé, teacher, wood technologies

Gaël Simon, teacher and coordinator of the professional degree in wood and furnishing

Support services

Company relations

Eric Abadie, librarian

Claudine Desbats, in charge of developing company relations

François Graff, head of company relations

Ludovic Viloux, project officer

International relations

Antoine Lebeau, head of international relations and sponsorship

Alexandra Chataigner, SEVE and international relations assistant


Monika Plöckl, communication and web marketing manager

Human resources

Véronique Gaudin, human resources assistant


Tony Loré, head accountant

Audrey Bossière, accounting assistant

Céline Cruaud, payroll manager, accountant

Building and workshop

Benoit Chevrot, building and security manager

Didier Laffite, workshop manager


Kévin Cotard, system and network administrator

Arnaud Pécaud, head of information systems

Bois HD engineering centre

Fabien Clément, R&D engineer

Sébastian Fuentes, design and structures engineer

Benjamin Grossi, laboratory technician

Amélie Roux, project officer

Antonin Tribaleau, R&D engineer

Ludovic Viloux, project officer

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