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Financing your training

Because the cost of studies can be a barrier to entry into the program, various measures exist to help finance tuition fees when they exist.

ESB scholarships

The ESB Scholarship Fund is funded by the generosity of the community (donations from corporate sponsors and individual donors) and provides financial support for access to ESB studies through scholarships.

Each new candidate, French or foreign, can submit a scholarship application form to be completed below and sent to (submission dates to be consulted in the application form).

An independent committee will study the applications on the basis of academic, social and quality-related criteria.

These scholarships, which can be up to 2000€, concern all the courses offered by the ESB.

Scholarships on social criteria

Studies at ESB are compatible with obtaining a BCS (scholarship on social criteria). They are granted to students under 28 years of age according to their parents’ income, the number of dependent children, the distance between their home and their place of study, their degree and their nationality.

The application must be made between January 15 and May 15 when submitting the Dossier social étudiant (DES).

Government portal:

Bank loans: our partners’ offers

The CIC and the Société Générale have developed specific offers for ESB students. Do not hesitate to contact them on our behalf!

Other assistance to apply for

Some pension funds, local authorities, departmental or regional councils may grant aid to finance higher education.

Contact each local authority directly to find out about the timetable and criteria for granting assistance.

To consult: the advice of the ONISEP

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