AIESB, the alumni association

Since 1944, the ESB Alumni and Engineers Association has been dedicated to federating its network of graduates, with the objective of intergenerational solidarity. The AIESB network has more than 5,000 engineers and technicians in France and abroad, whose incredibly diverse backgrounds illustrate the quality of the training they received at ESB.

AIESB missions and actions

Federating the ESB alumni network

  • Visits to companies and construction sites
  • Organization of friendly meetings
  • Connecting alumni according to their needs

Accompany alumni and students throughout their professional career

  • Jobs and internships platform
  • Gateway to continuing education
  • Conference and webinars on professional topics

Participate in the development of the wood industry

  • Writing of the Wood Engineering Manual
  • Participation in numerous professional fairs
  • Privileged links with specialized recruitment firms

Promote the diplomas offered by the ESB

  • Representation within IESF (Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France)
  • Participation in the working groups of the CGE (Conférence des Grandes Écoles)

Tools and means

AIESB has developed many tools to allow its members to benefit from all the services offered by the association.

  • The online directory of Alumnis and their companies
  • The annual guide in paper version
  • The job platform available to members
  • The monthly newsletter
  • The Wood Engineering Manual: a reference work in the wood industry
  • The cards and relay trades

AIESB Operations and Resources

The association’s missions are carried out by a team of 12 volunteer board members and 1 permanent employee.

The association is financed by its members, thanks to the annual contribution of its members.

The membership fee is first and foremost an active and supportive participation in the accomplishment of the AIESB’s objectives. It allows us to finance new actions for students and alumni alongside the ESB and its partners.


AIESB is based in the ESB premises.

Emilie Corso, its project manager, can be reached at the following address: / /

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