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International affairs

Open to the world, ESB diversifies and expands its international presence and influence by welcoming students from all backgrounds and providing opportunities to study abroad thanks to the various partnerships it has established over time.

Opening up to the world

Joining ESB also means opening up to the world. With more than 37 international partners including some of the world’s most prestigious universities, 12 nationalities and four double degrees, we give all students the opportunity to develop professional projects rich in diversity.

International affairs at ESB – key figures:

  • 100% of engineering students go on mobility assignments
  • 37 international partners
  • 4 double degrees
  • 20% international students
  • A team of 25% foreign nationals.

A mobility project for everyone

ESB considers it essential to train students taking an international approach allowing them to acquire technical, linguistic and cultural skills.

Regarding engineering students, international mobility is fully integrated into the curriculum. It is even one of the conditions for obtaining the degree.

Thus, each engineering student, based on his/her background, language skills and professional project, can choose the form of mobility that best meets his/her expectations: traineeship, academic exchange, gap year, double degree.

BTS and Bachelor’s students also have the opportunity to travel abroad thanks to schemes specific to each programme.

International affairs from day to day

The international dimension benefits everyone and is part of the everyday experience at ESB:

  • International students are assisted by French tutors.
  • French and international students attend the same courses.
  • There are lessons on interculturalism.
  • Conferences are led by international experts on a regular basis.
  • Six foreign languages are taught: English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Mandarin and Spanish.
  • Reinforced English and French as a foreign language (FLE) are also available.

A network of ambassadors

ESB has a network of ambassadors in 5 countries : Morocco, Tunisia, Brazil, China and Russia.

These Alumnis all have in common the will to promote our school in their living country towards institutions, companies and students.

They can also provide information and advices about their own country.

Makers by nature