BTS (Technician certificate)

Wood production and wood construction
wood training student
  • Durée duration 2 years
  • Durée admission secondary school leaving certificate
  • Durée diploma 2 years of HE
  • Durée start date september

ESB provides general and vocational baccalauréat holders with two BTS programmes in the areas of wood production and wood construction.

BTS (technician certificate) in wood development and realisation (DRB)

Conducted in partnership with the François Arago vocational school, this BTS programme trains high-level technicians capable of developing and industrialising wood products and resolving technical issues related to their implementation.

BTS (technician certificate) in wooden constructive systems and housing (SCBH)

Organised as a work-study programme, this BTS trains high-level technicians capable of designing and producing wood products or components intended for housing and installing them on worksites.

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