• Durée Duration 1 year
  • Acces Access 4/5 years of HE
  • Diplome Diploma 6 years of HE
  • Rentree Start September


Reducing the impact of buildings on the climate, by taking into account all of the building’s emissions throughout its life cycle, is an essential means of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 (Climate Energy Law).

The use of construction principles that emit little greenhouse gas or allow carbon to be stored, such as bio-based materials, including wood, is one of the most favourable solutions.

In this particular context, all the players in the construction industry are affected by this environmental objective and are moving towards a different approach. However, building “differently” requires new skills and processes to be imagined.

From real estate planning to construction on the site and up to real estate management, the use of multiple construction materials, including bio-sourced materials, with the implementation constraints specific to each one, as well as the management of the interfaces between these materials, and new construction principles, lead to a strong need for training.

Training objectives

The Specialised Master’s Degree® in Low-Carbon Construction Project Management is a level 1 qualification (bac+6) accredited by the Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE).

The diploma is awarded jointly by ESB and ESTP.

The objectives of the post-master’s course are to train professionals to carry out their missions in all phases of a low-carbon construction project (housing, tertiary, equipment, logistics, mixed, etc.), both new and rehabilitation.

They ensure that the technical solutions chosen and implemented are appropriate to :

  • the general challenges of decarbonisation of the construction sector ;
  • the company’s low-carbon strategy;
  • compliance with the budget, regulatory constraints or target label and the target quality of use.

Target skills

  • Deploy an action plan to meet the company’s low carbon strategy.
  • Propose solutions to improve user comfort.
  • Optimise a construction project by organising an innovation process.
  • Manage the low-carbon project team in order to develop shared solutions.
  • Support the client in responding to the programme to encourage the use of low carbon products.
  • Leading a design project and responding to the multi-material/multi-criteria requirements and constraints of low carbon buildings.
  • Prepare a multi-material construction site.
  • Conduct a low-carbon construction site in compliance with commitments and procedures.

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