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ESB Programmes taught in French

Various programmes are available for international students who wish to enroll a programme taught in French: study semesters or degree courses (under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate).

Intensive French learning programme

For international students who need to improve their level of French before joining the course, an intensive French language learning programme is offered in partnership with Nantes University.

Study semester Engineering training

Students build up their training programme by choosing the teaching units that interest them.

Semester programmes can be joined either from September to January or from February to June.

Bachelor’s degree (undergraduate – 3 years of HE)

The 3-year Bachelor’s degree trains middle managers to pilot sustainable processes and projects for the wood and wood-based materials processing and construction industries.

Two majors are proposed:

  • Digital transition of production
  • Wood and Low Carbon Site Manager

The programme is under student status for the first year and then under work-study with a company.

Engineer degree (Master graduate degree)

The programme is available in 2 or 3 years depending on your current level of education and background.

It trains engineers in wood and biosourced materials science and technology. Three major fields of application are concerned: wood science and forest resources, industrial engineering and low-carbon construction.

Post-graduate degree (6 years of HE)

All our post-graduate master are opened to international candidates: young graduates with a master’s degree, active employees or those undergoing professional development or retraining.

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