• Durée DURÉE 3 ans
  • Acces ACCÈS Bac +2
  • Diplome DIPLÔME Bac +5
  • Rentree RENTRÉE Septembre
  • Lieu LIEU Nantes


Engineering course with student status

Tuition fees for the engineering course come to €5,950 per year (academic year 2023/2024). They are fully used for training and investments, since ESB is a non-profit association.

Engineering course with apprenticeships

Thirty spaces are reserved for students wishing to complete the engineering training in the form of a work-study scheme with a company.

For international students, they should comply with French work regulations.

Entry exam

The school welcomes 1st- and 2nd-year engineering students. Applicants cannot take the entry exam more than twice.

International admissions

This test concerns international applicants who currently study abroad.


There are 2 possible ways of entering the cursus depending diplomas previously acquired

  • 1st year engineering programme (Duration : 3 years) : for applicants who studied 2 years of preparatory course for Engineering graduate schools entry exam or with a minimum 2 to 3 years of Higher Education studies in sciences and/or technology
  • 2nd year of engineering programme (Duration :2 years) : for applicants graduated from an Engineering school or a Master degree in science and/or Technology (engineering science, civil engineering, public works, maths, computer science, physics).

Application must be submitted online to My.ESB application platform by May 30th 2023.

Applicants must choose “Application for Engineer Degree” programme.

Entry exam

Test description :

  • English test – coef 5
  • Written communication test (office computer skills and French) – coef 5
  • Interview in French – coef 15
  • Science test : maths and physics – coef 7,5 each

Depending on number of applicants, exam sessions will be organized locally.

French admissions (3-year course of study or 2-year course of study)

ESB’s 3-year engineering course is accessible for applicants having completed a scientific or technological preparatory course.

For more information about French admissions, please consult this page in French.

Exam fees

  • Scholarship applicants: €30 for submitting the application / €15 during the ESB tests
  • Non-scholarship applicants: €75 for submitting the application / €30 during the ESB tests

Applicants for the 2nd year of the engineering course only have to pay application fees.

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