Créativité et innovation

This project gives students the opportunity to express their creativity. The training team or a company proposes a theme, and students have a semester to provide an innovative and effective response to the issue raised.


The objective of this project is to move from innovation to industrialisation. Presented with a product made of wood or biosourced materials, students have to improve its design or use production means to industrialise it.


DEFI (‘challenge’) is the name of the most open project of them all. The student chooses the theme, objective and evaluation criteria. In general, students commit to a charitable, sport or cultural project.


Training through research provides engineers with skills. This research and technology transfer project aims to provide a scientific and technical response to an industrial challenge.

Challenge Bois

Wood and biosourced materials have assets that should be objectively observed. As proof, students are challenged to use other materials to replace them for a designated use.

Projet de spécialité

As part of their major, students are entrusted with a project, regularly proposed by a company, relating to the theme of the cycle in question: improving productivity, improving a building’s performance, market research, etc.

Projet à l’échelle 1

ESB regularly proposes projects with scale-1 implementation. The structures designed and produced at the school have included sailing boats, an inhabited house and Philéas, an energy-efficient building prototype that won second prize in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 competition.


Wood It Together is dedicated to creativity at the service of a company that proposes a topic and makes four of its employees available to find solutions with 12 students and four researchers. For four days, using a tested method, these 16 participants will be creative and have access to all of the school’s infrastructures to develop prototypes, whether physical or digital.

Makers by nature