• Durée duration 1 year
  • Acces admission master's degree
  • Diplome diploma Specialised Master’s degree
  • Rentree start date september

Work placement period

A traineeship of at least 20 weeks takes place between march and august, in a company in one of the sectors targeted by the training. It can also take place in an R&D laboratory.

As part of an industrial project, the trainee is entrusted with an overall task including:

  • An innovation and eco-design approach via project management.
  • Research into new materials and their areas of application.
  • A financial analysis: the project’s profitability, return on investment

He/she benefits from some autonomy and is a key player in the project’s management and implementation.


The teaching period combines lectures, tutorials, practical work and group work.

Industrial problems based projects

In order to put students in touch with industrial issues, projects are carried out in partnership with companies such as:

  • Transport and issues related to light-weight materials>  project with Groupe Pilote
  • Packaging and the challenges of over-packaging, sustainability and single-use > projects with Tikamoon and Tetra Pak
  • Furniture and the challenges of recycling post-consumer bio-based materials, of the development of the value chain > projects carried out for Hillrom and Atelier Extramuros.
  • Construction and challenges of integrating local bio-based resources and the impact of logistics in product design > projects with Groupe Eiffage and Stora Enso.

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