• Durée duration 1 year
  • Acces admission master's degree
  • Diplome diploma Specialised Master’s degree
  • Rentree start date september

Application prerequisites

The programme is open to people with 5 years of post-secondary education or 4 years of post-secondary education and 3 years of experience in the field of engineering sciences or the area of design:

  • Post-graduate degree, Master’s or equivalent degree.
  • Master of Science or equivalent for international applicants.
  • General engineers
  • Engineers specialising in one of the following areas: composites industry, chemistry, plastics industry, wood industry, the environment.
  • Design engineers
  • Industrial or product designers with knowledge of materials (level-I design degree)

Applicants are employees (active or in retraining), recent graduates, international employees and students as well as job-seekers, to promote interdisciplinarity and interculturalism.


Admission is based on an examination of your school and/or professional records as well as an interview in French and English (the interview can be held remotely).

All French and International applicants should register online on the My.ESB platform (select “MS – BIORESOURCES COMPOSITES : INNOVATION AND ECO-DESIGN”).

Application deadline : 16th september 2023.

Start of the school year is : 19th September 2023.


For the academic year 2023-2024, tuition fees are :

  • Students: 9 950 €
  • Employees: 12 000 €

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