• Durée duration 1 year
  • Acces admission master's degree
  • Diplome diploma Specialised Master’s degree
  • Rentree start date september


In a context of climate challenges, rapidly changing technologies and major needs in terms of the ecological transition, holders of the Specialised Master’s® degree in biosourced composites: innovation and eco-design provide solutions with the aims of:

  • Innovating and eco-designing materials/products/services derived from renewable resources.
  • Developing and optimising “product or process” solutions taking into account the challenges of sustainable development and the possibilities offered by new technologies.
  • Implementing and managing a project in open collaborative mode.
  • Managing an interdisciplinary approach and promoting the emergence of transdisciplinarity.
  • Rolling out an innovation initiative.
  • Leading an eco-design approach using creativity and design tools and methods.
  • Taking into account regulatory requirements relating to society and the environment in particular.
  • Capturing knowledge (collection, modelling, representation, expertise) with the aim of transferring it on the job.
  • Providing material solutions for various areas of activity by understanding their specific characteristics and needs.

Areas of activity

A large number and wide variety of areas have to take into account and implement an eco-design approach: aeronautics, automotive, naval construction, construction, transport, packaging, sport and leisure industry, fitting, furnishing, luxury, wood industries.

Positions held

At the end of the training, graduates are prepared to assume supervisory and project management positions:

  • Research & development manager or engineer.
  • Innovation manager or engineer.
  • Materials manager or engineer.
  • Process and production manager or engineer.
  • Eco-design manager or engineer.
  • Industrial designer.
  • Product manager or designer.
  • Eco-design manager or designer.

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