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Adrià, a career as a wood engineer in the cultural field

Adrià Begiristain Baixas is Spanish. He joined ESB at the age of 26 for a two-year course specialising in “Logistics and Production”.

A few words about your background before joining the ESB engineering programme?

I am originally from Spain where I worked as a commercial agent in the mechanical field.

I became interested in the material wood through sculpture and decided to start a professional retraining process.

I started to look for an engineering course, in the continuity of my initial schooling but this time related to wood.

Since no school in Spain offers this specificity, I discovered the ESB, which I was able to join from the second year, in July 2016.

What professional experience have you gained in the field of wood engineering?

An internship with the Compagnie La Machine in Nantes allowed me to discover a world that was a little different from industry: art and craft.

It’s another way of practising wood engineering, another way of touching the material that I particularly like.

DDFollowing this internship, I joined the company as a design engineer.

I am involved in the wooden dressing of gigantic creatures that come to life thanks to a collaborative work between artists and engineers. In particular, I participated in the creation of the Sea Dragon, a 26m long machine that will be exhibited in Calais at the end of 2019.

What do you remember about your time at ESB?

At ESB, I had the chance to meet teachers and lecturers who were truly passionate about wood and who passed on their know-how to me. I have very good memories of these three years of training.

Published on 26-Apr-2019

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