Emma is a quality and methods engineer

Emma Charrondière followed her engineering career through an apprenticeship with a specialisation in innovation and industrial design. She looks back on her academic and professional career.

Have you entered the engineering course after a DUT?

Absolutely! I joined the engineering course through an apprenticeship. For three years, I had the opportunity to do my work-study in the Faurecia group which produces equipment for car manufacturers (decorative parts, door panels, etc.).

I completed my engineering degree in August and, since mid-November, I have been employed as Quality & Methods Manager at Protec Decors.

What are the tasks of a quality and methods engineer?

The company I work for makes metal coatings for high-end and luxury clients (lighting, decorative objects, etc.).

I am in charge of quality control, non-conformity returns, customer relations and after-sales service.

What do you remember about your studies at ESB?

Although I now work in a non-wood sector, my course at ESB enabled me to develop transferable skills, particularly in quality management and management.

During this course, I particularly appreciated the concrete approach, through learning but also through group projects.

Published on 13-May-2019

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