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Pierre, wood technical director at Eiffage Construction Tertiaire

After completing a BTS and then an engineering degree, Pierre Duval climbed the ladder at Eiffage Construction. At the age of 32, he is now Technical Director for the timber division of Eiffage Construction Tertiaire.

A few words about your company and your daily tasks?

Eiffage Construction Tertiaire is the leader in the construction of office buildings in the Ile de France region, with a turnover of over €200 million and 350 employees.

My general mission is to construct wooden buildings for Eiffage Construction Tertiaire.

I work both on price studies, in anticipation of the site and on the works to manage the timber frame part.

Could you say a few words about the construction site we are in?

The site where we are located is a research campus of the company Danone.

The entire structure is made of wood. The external posts are glued laminated and are ten metres high. There are about 40 to 50,000 square metres of floor space in the operation, two-thirds of which is wood.

What is your educational background at ESB?

I started with a BTS SCBH in two years and then continued with an engineering apprenticeship.

The 5 years of training at the ESB are useful to me on a daily basis, and more particularly the technical part learnt in the BTS SCBH and the project management taught during the engineering degree.

In the third year of engineering, I followed the specialisation focused on resource supply. This is very useful to me, especially at the moment, because the context is very tense in the wood industry.

When I entered the ESB, I had no fears about the opportunities on leaving the school. And this is all the more true today in a sector that is very dynamic and growing rapidly!

Published on 02-Jun-2022

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