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Blandine, engineer in charge of construction technical control

What is an engineer in charge of construction technical control?

My job is to contribute to the prevention of technical hazards that may occur during the design and construction of works.

I can carry out several types of missions. Mandatory controls such as the evaluation of the solidity of the works and the elements of equipment as well as the control of the respect of the regulatory provisions of safety of the people in the completed constructions. But also missions of complementary controls as the respect of the regulatory provisions of accessibility to the handicapped persons.

Other possible missions for the engineer in technical construction control?

At the request of the clients, the technical control can also relate to any other hazard against which the owner wishes to be protected: thermal or acoustic regulations, operation of the installations…

A first job as a technical control engineer that satisfies you?

En m’engagent dans les métiers de la construction, je ne pensais pas me retrouver dans une entreprise de contrôle technique. Mais ce 1er emploi me permet d’appréhender une autre facette des projets de construction.

The trade of technical controller is very varied and is interested in the globality of a construction project (design, follow-up of execution, delivery), it is which makes its richness and its dynamism.

Published on 13-May-2019
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