Blandine, engineer in charge of technical building control

Blandine Laplace graduated from ESB in 2017. She got her first job at Bureau Veritas Construction as an engineer in charge of technical control, a very varied job that deals with the entire construction project.

What is a technical control engineer?

My job is to contribute to the prevention of technical hazards that may occur during the design and construction of works.

I can carry out several types of missions. Compulsory inspections such as assessing the soundness of structures and equipment and checking compliance with safety regulations in completed buildings. But also complementary inspections such as compliance with the regulatory provisions on accessibility for the disabled.

Other possible missions for the technical control construction engineer?

At the client’s request, the technical inspection can also cover any other hazard against which the client wishes to protect himself: thermal or acoustic regulations, operation of installations, etc.

Are you happy with your first job as a technical control engineer?

When I started in the construction industry, I didn’t think I would end up in a technical control company. But this first job has allowed me to see another side of construction projects.

Published on 13-May-2019