Vincent, a first job as a wood product manager

Vincent Rémy is an engineer who graduated from ESB in 2018. After a few months in the workforce, he looks back on his academic and professional career.

How did you get your first job after your engineering studies?

As part of my training at ESB, I responded to an internship offer from the company Saint-Gobain.

During this experience, I developed my network and became involved. Thanks to the support of my manager and the HR manager who followed my progress, I joined D.M.B.P, a subsidiary of the group, after my internship.

In what field do you work with your ESB engineering degree?

D.M.B.P. is a distributor specialising in wood, with various brands including Dispano.

I now hold the position of Product Marketing Manager for equipment related to the exterior and interior lining of houses and buildings (panels, doors, frames, etc.).

I participate in the choice of product ranges that we offer to customers, in the development of marketing tools, in negotiations with suppliers and in team training.

What are the strengths of the ESB engineering programme?

At ESB, I acquired a real knowledge of wood materials, manufacturing processes, market players and products, which is essential for me today.

The training programme is also very comprehensive and allows you to remain open to a wide range of sectors.

I had the chance to study business in Finland and to build up experience in marketing, which was very important when I was hired.

Published on 13-May-2019

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