laboratoire de reconnaissance des essences de bois

Study on the comfort of the built environment and the floor vibrations

This research project examines the dynamic performance of medium and long-span timber-concrete composite floors.

The programme is comparing analytical design methods, digital simulations and experimental measurements (laboratory and in-situ).

The aim is to find correlations between the dynamic response of timber-concrete composite (TCC) floors and user comfort.

Ultimately, this research project will establish a database, assess the influence of the different conditions in situ, and suggest a series of guidelines for performing measurements, choosing equipment and analysing data according to the layout of each building.


2017 – 2020

Associate professor: Francesca Lanata / Doctorant : Kodzo Vioto Amouzou

Partners: CODIFAB, Centrale Nantes.

Published on 02-Apr-2017

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