laboratoire de reconnaissance des essences de bois

Understand the degradation phenomena of thatched roofs

This research project aims to understand why some thatched roofs deteriorate prematurely.

In response to the growing number of thatched roofs experiencing early deterioration, the PPP for the Brière regional nature park, local authorities, inhabitants and thatchers have launched a research project to understand the phenomenon and find long-term solutions.

As part of the project, the ESB’s research teams are characterising the hydric and chemical phenomena that may be causing thatched roofs to deteriorate prematurely, as reported in the Brière regional nature park.

Approximately 30 temperature and humidity sensors have been installed at various depths in a thatched roof on a building belonging to the nature park in an attempt to gain a clearer insight into how water travels inside the thatch.


2017 – 2022

Associate Professor: Christophe Belloncle

Research partners: CREBS (Université de Rennes I), UFR de Caen-Normandie et Institut technologique FCBA de Bordeaux.

Published on 07-Dec-2018

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