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MATIERES: recycling of wood waste by chemical means

This research project aims to examine the chemical recycling of timber panels for producing high value-added bio-based materials.

The MATIERES project (MATerials and Interfaces for the Environment and the exploitation of biological RESources) is looking to deliver a response to environmental challenges by recycling and reusing wood waste.

The objective behind this research project is to recycle end-of-life MDF panels using chemical and/or enzymatic fractionation in a bid to increase their lifecycle and obtain higher value-added chemical structures.


2015 – 2018

Associate professors: Christophe Belloncle, Mark Irle and Franck Michaud / PhD student: Laetitia Couret.

Partners: Région des Pays de la Loire, INRA Angers-Nantes.

Published on 31-Mar-2016