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Flexibi develops a regional biorefinery model

This research project aims to develop a regional biorefinery model for processing organic waste in urban and peri-urban areas.

The Flexibi project highlights the potential value of the under-utilised biomass sources from agro-industrial and peri-urban waste.

The project is using modelling and experimental approaches to develop a decision support tool for facilitating the use of small-scale flexi-feed biorefineries.

Flexibi is a European project. Coordinated by the National Institute for Agronomic Research in Nantes, the project comprises six European academic partners and has received research funding as part of the European H2020 programme.

LIMBHA is providing recognised expertise in multi-objective optimisation and wood waste recycling.


2018 – 2021

Associate professors: Mark Irle, Christophe Belloncle et Franck Michaud / Techniciennne : Marie Perraud

Financement : JPI – FACEE / Partenaires : BIA-INRA, Hambourg, Helsinki, Leuven.

Published on 02-Apr-2019

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