Projet EcoReFibre

The EcoReFibre project is already celebrating its first year! 

You probably know MDF, it is the most produced type of fiberboard in the world. With an exponential growth in production, we find it more and more often in our wood waste. A large part of this wood waste is reincorporated into new particleboards. In Europe, for example, we find an average of 44% recycled wood in particleboards. However, the increase in the presence of pieces of fibreboard in our waste is undesirable for the manufacturers of particleboard. This is why the EcoReFibre project was created. 

Whats EcoReFibre (for “ECOlogical solutions for RECovery of secondary materials from post-consumer FIBERboards” ) is about ?

 Launched in May 2022, this European project aims to: 

  • Develop an innovative sorting machine to separate waste wood into three distinct streams: fibreboard, solid wood and the rest (particle board, plywood, OSB, etc.). 
  • Develop technologies to reuse second raw materials from the fiberboard and solid wood fractions. 

The role of ESB in this project

ESB and the other 19 project partners are working together to achieve these goals. More specifically, ESB coordinates work related to the quantity and characterization of end-of-life fibreboard available in Europe now and in the future.

During the General Assembly of the project in Norway on May 4 and 5, Mark Irle, Research Director and Flore Lebreton PHD Student from ESB have the opportunity to present their first results carried out in France on 500 kg of waste wood. 

Next steps in the EcoReFibre project

In addition to the results of the project, a thesis carried out by the ESB will provide answers on the impacts of successive recycling processes on wood fibres. 

You can help us in our research by answering a short survey. Our goal is to evaluate the lifespan of products containing wood fibreboard panels. No personal data is requested and no expertise is required. 

Thank you in advance for your participation ! 

Partenaires Projet EcoReFibre
The 20 partners of the European project
Published on 16-Jun-2023

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