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Social and international openness

Both in France and abroad, ESB upholds values of openness and diversity. Today, the school welcomes an average of 20% international students representing a dozen nationalities as well as 30% scholarship recipients. It has every intention to continue in its efforts.

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Equal opportunity scholarships

Wood is a resource we must learn to preserve and use efficiently, to find virtuous solutions focused on responsible production. Training is a key pillar for the development of this knowledge.

Because its cost can be an obstacle for potential students, the support of sponsors facilitates access to training for these passionate, committed populations.

The aim is to provide talented individuals in France and around the world with easier access to the courses offered by ESB, especially as part of its engineering programme. In a spirit of equal opportunity, information, preparation, support and scholarships facilitate the integration of isolated profiles.

Ten scholarships are financed every year.

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