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Donor testimonials

They support the Canopee Challenge innovation competition

Marc Siat

head of groupe siat

Our professions need to rethink, innovate and go further, and the La Canopée competition is a wonderful idea to bring out talent and help us all progress.

Thomas Perrot

business director groupe archimbaud

This capacity for innovation must be encouraged, promoted and better perceived, particularly by young engineers who will be looking for tomorrow’s developments in our companies.”

Pierre Piveteau

head of piveteaubois

« The wood industry in France is not developing sufficiently, particularly due to a lack of investment.
We need large companies, which make the most of all the innovation based on forest biomass.»

Stéphane Vives

head of Monnet-Sève/Sougy

« Innovation must become automatic for our sector and our companies. Wood will continue its development by taking more market shares in eco-construction, if it knows how to innovate and renew itself. »

They support the student aid fund

Thibaud Surini

alumni engineer esb 70

I wanted to contribute to the support of young students, whose precarious conditions have unfortunately been exacerbated by the COVID crisis. As a former student of the ESB, I still feel a natural attachment to this establishment, and am obviously sensitive to the well-being of the students with whom I share a common passion for wood and the forest.

Emilien Fillion

alumni engineer esb 76

“When I saw that ESB was setting up a student support fund, I didn’t hesitate! I remembered that when I was a student, I too had to work to finance my studies, despite my parents’ help. It is obvious that this year, more than ever, student jobs must be sorely lacking.”

Jean Piveteau

president of piveteaubois

At Piveteau, we work with this material, wood, which is cultivated over several generations. It is therefore very natural to help and support today’s students. Tomorrow, they will be the ones committed to building a sustainable world with forests and wood. We must facilitate access for all to education, to higher education.”

Christian Babonneau

Head of Large Associations and Public Economy, société générale

Société Générale has been a partner of the ESB for over 20 years and fully recognises its values. In the very particular context that we are experiencing, supporting this student aid fund in particular is a perfect illustration of our commitment to local life and our sense of responsibility.

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