Mathieu, methods and industrialisation engineer at Ligne Roset

Mathieu Bridoux is a graduate engineer from the ESB. He joined the contemporary design furniture company Ligne Roset as a methods and industrialisation engineer. He explains his daily work to us.

Could you describe the job of methods and industrialization engineer?

Ligne Roset is a company which has specialised in the manufacture of luxury seating and furniture since 1960.

My job is simply to come and industrialise the products.

The first phase consists of putting a price tag on the new product which is to enter the Ligne Roset range.

Once this phase is finished, we will prototype it, i.e. we will slightly revise the 3D design and optimise the material and time and create tools for the operators.

The product is then built to scale with the company’s various technicians and employees.

In the last phase, we will carry out a first pre-series. That is to say, we will manufacture a small quantity of this prototype on a scale of 1 and we will incorporate it into production to see if all the processes and tools are in line with production and if the operator feels at ease.

A few words about your training at ESB?

At ESB, I specialised in production and logistics.

This course focuses on industrial organisation. We learn about lean management, production management, raw material supply and stock management.

Through projects, the ESB provides this opportunity for teamwork.

The school gave me a broad view of the company. We had a good training on the knowledge of wood materials and these theoretical contributions, I use them daily in my practice.

Why work with wood in industry today?

Ligne Roset has been working with furniture for 160 years and has always thought of incorporating this material into its structures, bases and armrests.

More than ever, wood is the material of the present to meet the challenges of sustainable development.

Published on 17-May-2022

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