Laura, R&D innovation engineer, Bénéteau Group

Laura Dussul-Candau, who graduated from ESB in 2021, is currently innovation and R&D project manager in the design office of Bio-Habitat, Groupe Bénéteau. Her main task is to design new ranges of mobile homes in conjunction with the company’s various departments.

A few words about your company Bio Habitat?

Bio Habitat is the leisure accommodation division of the Bénéteau Group.

We belong to the outdoor accommodation sector and manufacture mobile homes for the French and European markets.

What is your educational background?

I completed the engineering course at the Ecole Supérieure du Bois as an apprentice in the company Bio Habitat. In my final year, I chose to specialise in innovation and design.

When I arrived at ESB, I didn’t know what profession I wanted to do. I only knew that I wanted to work with wood.

During the three years of sandwich training, I was able to learn about the company and its professions. At the end of my training, I had the chance to participate in the creation of my job description.

What are your tasks as an R&D innovation engineer?

My main tasks as project manager are to design the mobile homes for future ranges and to improve the products already developed.

I work with multiple departments such as the marketing department which is my first client.

I also work with the purchasing department for the sourcing of new products, the methods department for the industrialisation of products and the quality department.

What are the links with the material wood in your job?

The mobile homes we produce can be compared to small timber frame houses on wheels. The vast majority of the products used are wood-based, whether solid wood or panels.

At the beginning, I didn’t realise the impact that wood had in companies and the important place it occupies, especially at the environmental level.

Today, I am convinced that wood is a material of the future!

Published on 08-Apr-2022

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