laboratoire de reconnaissance des essences de bois

Fastforests studies fast-growing forests

This research project is taking a closer look at fast-growing forests. What impact will they have on wood’s properties? How resilient will the wood be to climate change? Will they be adopted by society?

This research project is focused on sustainable intensification and even-aged silvicultural systems (forests with trees of the same age and species) to ramp up the production of timber whose quality satisfies end manufacturer requirements.

The term “sustainable intensification” means a form of timber production where performance is increased without any negative impact on the environment and without using additional agricultural land.

ESB is mainly involved in modelling timber properties according to the silvicultural system used (postgraduate supervision) and social perception of fast-growing forests (post-doctoral supervision).


2014 – 2017

Associate professors: Jérôme Moreau and Mark Irle.

Partners : ADEME et Ministère de l’Agriculture

Published on 30-Sep-2014

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