laboratoire de reconnaissance des essences de bois

Ecomatfib works on insulation materials based on wood fiber

This research project is aimed at improving the performance of wood fibre-based composites for insulation.

Wood fibre-based materials are struggling to gain traction in the insulation market. They currently represent 2.3% of the total market for building envelope insulation,

despite the fact that experts believe that the development potential could represent up to 10% by 2020.

In an effort to drive development, the ECOMATFIB research project, led by manufacturers and funded by ADEME, is proposing to improve the manufacture of wood fibre-based insulators as part of a multi-objective optimisation approach, including raw materials, processes, and technical, environmental and economic performance.

ESB is mainly involved in characterising the materials and defining an innovative multi-objective optimisation strategy.


2014 – 2017

Associate professors: Jérôme Moreau and Mark Irle.

Partners: ADEME, I2M, companies.

Published on 19-Mar-2014

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