ESB support

Make a donation

Thanks to its unique expertise, the ESB is a key player in the training-innovation-research triptych. By making a donation, you are supporting the school’s actions and helping to affirm that wood and bio-based materials are resources for the future in the service of a sustainable world.

Become a sponsor or individual donor

Everyone, at their own level, can support the ESB. Alumni, individual employees and students’ families can support the ESB and its mission of general interest by making a donation.

As far as companies are concerned, sponsorship actions can take several forms:

  • Financial sponsorship, which consists of a donation of money,
  • Patronage in kind: equipment, material, software…
  • Sponsorship of skills: training, conferences, expertise, etc.

Our missions to support

With your donation, you support our actions for :

  • Innovate and develop the uses of wood and other bio-based materials
  • Strengthen the social and international dimension of our training courses
  • Commitment to the circular economy

Tax exemption

Any donation to the ESB is eligible for a tax reduction as it meets the general conditions set out in Articles 200 and 238 bis of the General Tax Code.

With your donation, you benefit from tax advantages: 66% to be reduced from the income tax, 75% from the IFI, 60% from the corporate tax.

A tax receipt is sent to the donor for each donation.

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