Builder Method multiplayers event- April, 5 & 6 2023

06 Apr 2023

On April 5 and 6, we are hosting a new highlight of the European Builder Method project at ESB. A dozen members of the European Builder Method project group will meet on Wednesday, April 5 to review the latest steps and present the project’s latest deliverables.

April 6, a day on the valorization of the results

Open to the public and to ESB students, the day of April 6 proposes to come back on the results of the project but also to go into practical mode in the ESB workshop. Participants will be able to register to attend the morning conference, or for the whole day.


Conference “Design and build with wood: learning architecture by doing” led by :

  • Yvan Detraz, architect, director of Bruits du frigo or Hocine Aliouane-Shaw, architect, urban planner, teacher-researcher at ENSAPBx
  • Martial Marquet, architect, designer, teacher-researcher at ENSAV
  • Mileno Guillorel-Obregon, Designer in charge of the project

12h00-14h00 : Lunch

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

The afternoon will be devoted to a workshop to make objects in the spirit of the Builder Method.

What is the Builder Method?

The Builder Method is a European project of wooden microarchitecture which aims to democratize the use of wood in architecture and to promote learning by doing.

Architects, planners, engineers from Hungary, Poland, Romania and France have been working together for 3 years to create a common reference system for teaching wood architecture.

Builder Method aims to create not only a wooden work, but also a community of actors and each person involved personally.

A series of workshops and meetings

After a series of workshops in Romania, Hungary, France at ESB, and two transnational meetings in Poland and Hungary, and hours of videoconferences, the partners have been able to build 3 deliverables: a database listing wood microarchitecture projects around the world, an installation manual and a repository for organizing a wood microarchitecture workshop which will be presented at this event on April 5 and 6.

Published on 14-Mar-2023

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