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Managers in construction companies, holders of this professional degree contribute to ensuring the mechanical performance and energy efficiency of wooden buildings in particular.

  • They define and set values for indicators enabling building performance to be assessed.
  • They identify malfunctions, define corrective actions and prioritise them, taking into account the costs of upgrades to achieve compliance and the time required for their implementation.
  • They coordinate and lead a team and work with various players in the construction business.
  • As middle managers, they know how to make decisions taking into account constraints related to their company’s quality manual, labour law, protection of the environment and, in general, all internal and external regulations in force.

Areas of activity

At the end of the training, graduates are particularly well suited for work in SMEs in the fields of construction, building and public works.


  • Quantity surveyor
  • Design office technician
  • Works supervisor
  • Worksite manager
  • Project officer