• Durée duration 1 year
  • Acces admission 2 years of HE
  • Diplome diploma 3 years of HE
  • Rentree start date september
  • Rentree Lieu Nantes


The professional degree in wood and furnishing (LPBA) – wood construction option – is a one-year training programme for middle managers in construction companies.

Holders of this professional degree contribute to ensuring the mechanical performance and energy efficiency of wooden buildings in particular.

Outgoing graduates work in design offices or on worksites, as managers in wood construction industries.

The professional degree in wood construction is organised as a work-study programme (professional training contract).

It is conducted in partnership with Nantes University, which issues the degree.

The program is taught in French.

Training location

2/3 of the courses are provided at ESB and the remaining 1/3 at Nantes university

Number of spaces

A total of 25 spaces for the professional degree in wood construction, spread out across the wood construction and wood production options.


At the end of the training, graduates are capable of:

  • Presenting a worksite, its schedule, a structure’s construction method and instructions to workers.
  • Defining the worksite’s location as well as related safety measures and storage areas.
  • Calculating structural elements and their thermal performance.
  • Planning employees’ activities and assigning them to workstations.
  • Managing a team: assigning and planning tasks and functions.
  • Planning and organising resources.
  • Identifying malfunctions and developing corrective actions.
  • Making decisions and ensuring they are compatible with regulatory documents and standards.
  • Providing team leaders with technical support and determining mobility and training.
  • Completing activity monitoring documents for the worksite and analysing data.


The professional degree in wood and furnishing (LPBA) consists of two different options: wood construction and wood production. Some course units are common to both options (core curriculum) while others are specific to the chosen option.

LPBA common core (15 ECTS credits)
  • Wood material and sector
  • Improvement and optimisation of systems
  • Project management
  • Social relations and communication
  • English

Elective courses in wood construction (15 ECTS credits)

  • Design and implementation of wooden structures
  • Quality and sustainable construction
  • Construction law and risks
  • Construction systems

Supervised project (5 ECTS credits)

Work placement in a company (25 ECTS credits)