• Durée duration 1 year
  • Acces admission 2 years of HE
  • Diplome diploma 3 years of HE
  • Rentree start date september
  • Lieu LIEU Nantes & Saint-Nazaire


The SME-SMI technical-commercial professional degree in wood is a one-year programme for professionals implementing sales negotiation and marketing techniques while having perfect knowledge of wood products and their markets.

Thanks to their knowledge of wood and wood products, holders of this professional degree are ideal middlemen between companies, their products and the market.

This is a work-study training programme (professional training contract).

It is organised in partnership with the Saint-Nazaire University Institute of Technology (marketing techniques department).

The program is taught in French.

Number of spaces

In the SME-SMI technical-commercial degree programme, 8 spaces are reserved for the wood option.

Training location

Training primarily takes place in Saint-Nazaire and in a company (35 weeks).

On Thursday afternoons, students come to ESB to attend specific classes on wood.


Wood trade professionals have perfect knowledge of their products as well as of wood sectors and their specific constraints. At the end of the training, graduates are capable of:

  • Prospecting for new customers, organising sales initiatives (email campaigns, promotions, etc.).
  • Developing sales arguments tailored to products and markets.
  • Negotiating contracts and ensuring that customers or sales outlets have the supplies they need.
  • Analysing a company’s financial situation and the risks run on new markets and preparing documents required for dialogue with various partners.


Animate and communicate (10 ECTS credits)
  • English
  • Business expression and communication
  • Project management and methodology
Know business and economic environment (6 ECTS credits)
  • Economic and legal environment
  • New managerial techniques
  • Market analysis

Master management tools (10 ECTS credits)
  • Management control
  • Procurement policy
  • Flow management
  • Quality assurance
  • ICT in companies
Acquiring the marketing approach (8 ECTS credits)
  • Marketing of wood and wood products
  • Business development strategy
Distribute on the markets (6 ECTS credits)
  • Trade negotiations and sales force management
  • International wood trade techniques
Tutored project (8 ECTS credits)

This project consists in creating new activities specific to the markets of wood and wood products: market research and intelligence, business plan, etc.

Students concretely address various notions of professional life: company operations, market, business catchment area, business economics, profitability.

Période en entreprise (12 ECTS)

35-week work placement period