• Durée duration 2 years
  • Acces Admission Secondary school leaving certificate
  • Diplome Diploma 2 years of HE
  • Rentree Start date september

DRB BTS traineeships

Traineeships allow future high-level technicians to understand technical and economic aspects of the corporate world.

During this traineeship, students learn how a company works through products, markets, equipment, the organisation of work, human resources, etc.

  • 1st year: job-shadowing traineeship (6 weeks)
  • 2nd year: research traineeship (4 weeks)

Ideally, the 1st- and 2nd-year traineeships are completed in the same company.

As part of the European ERASMUS + programme, you can carry out your traineeship abroad in one of its member countries.

DRB BTS projects

The programme includes an original educational exercise aiming to rally students around a cross-disciplinary project for one week.

Students are assigned a theme and asked to imagine a product, size it, design it, produce it in the workshop and present it to a jury in French and English.