BTS (vocational training certificate) in wood development and implementation (DRB)

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The BTS in wood development and implementation (DRB) is a two-year training programme for high-level technicians capable of developing and industrialising wood products and materials and resolving technical issues related to their implementation.

It contributes to the research required for the design and industrialisation of products. It supports the organisation of production and continuous improvement in companies.

This training is organized in partnership with the high school “Arago” in Nantes.

Trainees have student status.

Training location

Training takes place on the premises of ESB (technical lessons) and on those of Lycée Arago (general lessons).


At the end of the training, DRB high-level technicians are capable of:

  • Developing and improving industrial wood products and/or wood materials: specifications, standards and regulations, technical-economic product feasibility, prototypes, computer-aided design (CAD).
  • Preparing production: technical materials and processes, production costs, industrialisation dossier, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).
  • Organising production: planning supplies and maintenance operations, contributing to the updating of data (ERP), etc.
  • Managing production: manufacturing, hygiene and safety phases, monitoring, team and resource management, quality.


General schooling

  • French expression (3 hrs)
  • Mathematics (3 hrs)
  • Foreign language: English (2 hrs)
  • Applied physics (3 hrs)

Weekly volume.

Technological education

• Products development (7hrs)
• Products industrialisation (6hrs)
• Products realisation (8hrs)

Weekly volume.

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