Application prerequisites

  • Vocational baccalauréat wood builder technician.
  • Vocational baccalauréat fitter joiner technician.
  • Vocational baccalauréat carpentry.
  • S (science) baccalauréat
  • L (literary studies) or ES (economic and social sciences) baccalauréat with a significant wood experience (3 to 6 months).
  • STI2D (industry and sustainable development science and technology) baccalauréat, architecture and construction

Applicants must check their eligibility for an apprenticeship contract.


All French and International applicants must register on the Parcoursup platform and follow the procedure (the enrolment period ends mid-March).

Since this degree is a work-study programme, all international students should comply with French work regulations.

Further studies

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