BTS (vocational training certificate) in wood and housing construction systems (SCBH)

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The BTS in wood and housing construction systems (SCBH) is a two-year programme for high-level technicians in the areas of wood construction applied to individual and collective housing, wood structures and framing-roofing.

Trained technicians are involved in all aspects of construction, extension and renovation projects. They design and produce wood products or components intended for buildings and install them on worksites.

The training takes the form of apprenticeship contracts.

Training location

The training site alternates between the host company and ESB.


At the end of the training, SCBH high-level technicians are capable of defining conditions for implementing wood structures and ensuring the proper conduct of a worksite.

They work in a design office, on the development of implementation plans and design notes. They are capable of estimating the costs of a project and preparing a quote.

They organise means of production, in terms of human resources, tools and the procurement of raw materials.

This training requires technical and human capacities to act as a point of contact with all the partners of a building project.


General schooling

  • General culture and expression
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physical sciences

Professional education

  • Design of wood construction systems
  • Preparation and technical-economic management of wood construction projects
  • Implementation of wood construction projects
  • Communication of technical information
  • Technological intelligence, management and capitalisation of information
  • Culture, design and architecture

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