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Work placement period

The Bachelor’s programme is carried out with student status in the 1st year (A1). Students can then continue as part of a work-study arrangement with a company for the next two years (A2 and A3, apprenticeship or professional training contract).

Work placement periods represent:

  • 1st year: 9 weeks in the form of a traineeship or international exchange
  • 2nd year: 26 weeks (work-study arrangement or traineeship)
  • 3rd year: 26 weeks (work-study arrangement or traineeship)


Every semester gives rise to the implementation of a project, thereby allowing students to acquire autonomy, project management methodology and team leadership skills:

  • Semester 1: designing a product
  • Semester 2: social engagement project
  • Semester 3: industrial improvement
  • Semester 4: creating a digital application
  • Semester 5: installation and industrial organisation
  • Semester 6: end-of-study project

These projects put students in situations of learning through action. In contact with field challenges, they experiment and compare theory with practice.