Application prerequisites

  • S (science) baccalauréat
  • STI2D (industry and sustainable development sciences and technologies) baccalauréat


Applicants are selected based on their records and an interview.

Le dépôt du dossier de candidature se fait en ligne sur la plateforme My.ESB.

When you apply for admission, we charge an application fee: €20 / free for scholarship recipients.

Rentrée 2019

Les candidats ont jusqu’au 14 octobre 2019 pour intégrer la formation.


Annual tuition fees for the 2019-2020 school year total €4,500.

If the 2nd and 3rd years include a work-study arrangement, no tuition is charged. Work-study students receive a salary whose amount is determined by the type of contract (work-study or professional training contract) and the student’s age.

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