etudiants ESB lors du workshop hello wood

ESB joined the European programme “The Builder Method”

Supported by European commission as part of the Erasmus+ programme, ESB joined The Builder Method project in September 2020. This programme aims to develop an innovative approach through experimentation in architecture education, in order to enhance the use of wood in building.

The Builder Method: action-oriented educational approaches in architecture

The Builder Method is a collective concept of action-oriented approaches in architectural education and research.

It is an innovative methodology that is currently under development by a project network coordinated by Hello Wood (HU) in partnership with Stowarzyszenie Architektow Polskich Oddzial w Poznaniu – SARP (PL), Groupe Ecole Supérieure du Bois, and Martial Marquet Studio (F), Széchenyi István University (HU) and Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania (R).

The partnership aims to develop a new methodology for an alternative, architectural education that is focused on participation and action, and which could complement the existing architectural programmes.

Hello Wood Worshop in 2019, Hongria

The methodology was called to life based on the ten-year-long experience of the international and Hungarian Architecture Summer Schools & Festivals of  Hello Wood in order to compile the undocumented practice into an easy-to-interpret and adaptable methodology supplemented by the aligned knowledge of the involved partners.

The Builder Method project publishes a dedicated methodological website to share this methodology and the different parts of the produced outputs with open-minded, experimenting professionals, artists, architects, educators who are willing to revolutionize architectural education first.

A project that fits with the ESB makers spirit

Exploring, designing, prototyping and testing are at the heart of our training approach. The implementation of projects, along with collaborative and interdisciplinary work combined with scale-1 experimentation, are unique features of our school which fosters a culture and spirit of “makers”.

ESB is particularly proud to participate to this project because it:

  • Contributes to ease the use of wood for architecture students, future orderes in building projects.
  • Encourages dialogue between engineering and architecture students to enable these two professions to get to know each other, understand and work better together.
  • Strengthens our presence in international networks.

The project is coordinated for ESB by Antoine Lebeau.

Published on 20-Jan-2022
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