ESB support


ESB places innovation at the centre of its strategy and actions by developing knowledge about the properties and technologies of wood and biosourced materials.

The school also wants to make these resources easier to use by companies.

Discover the three actions to support.

Digital transition

Inspired by grand industry, French wood processing companies need to speed up their evolution towards industry 4.0 by making full use of new technologies.

ESB supports these changes by providing a cutting-edge digital production tool and teaching future talents how to use and apply these technologies. The school has established a digital ecosystem to optimise production. It includes an immersive space, production machines, and digital data collection tools.

Wood innovation competition

Wood is an important alternative to materials derived from fossil resources. It seems obvious that research and innovation in this field are insufficient, which is why supporting endeavours in this field and increasing their visibility is urgently needed.

ESB showcases innovations in wood and biosourced materials by holding a competition open to the academic and industrial spheres. This initiative is undertaken in partnership with Forinvest BA.

The role of wood in industrial design

Design is a driver for developing uses of wood and biosourced materials. It is crucial to create the conditions for improved collaboration between creative and scientific minds. This is the way forward for developing industrial uses and opportunities together.

ESB hosts a designer in residence for 12 months. The designer interacts with students to create an ecologically designed product range that uses biosourced materials.

Makers by nature